I make sweet jewelry and I will be donating a portion of the proceeds to a SAMOAN TSUNAMI RELIEF FUND:

Some of you are privy to the fact that i make jewelry.
My business is names LISH and i focus on using semi-precious gemstone,
and sterling silver and gold wire.
i strive to make my designs unique and one of a kind.

for the next week and a half, i will be donating 20% of my LISH proceeds to a Samoan Relief Fund. At the moment, I am currently donating to Raw Shakti fund (a local fund in Apia), and soon a Baha'i Relief Fund will be set up (I believe tomorrow) and then I will be donating to that fund.

please go to my LISH jewelry website/store and help support a great cause + get yourself a great pair of earrings at the same time!

my site is: www.lish.etsy.com

thank you for supporting this cause!

big love,

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naomi! said...

ooooo i lovvvee the red ones!!
i'm popping over to your webstore asap..
great work!