In regards to the Baha'is of Samoa after the Tsunami and such: an update

My blog has been a hot spot these last couple of days with a lot of people from all over the world emailing me with questions and asking for updates and what they can do to help...There hasn't been much out at present in regards to the Baha'is in Samoa and their status. I will do what I can to continue to keep you all updated with what I hear from my dear friends located in Apia, Samoa - Wendy & Steven Percival. I will post updates as I get them from Wendy and Steve.

Some Baha'is in Savaii:
Two email updates from Wendy that came in last night regarding Samoa and the Samoan Baha'is:

"Hi Layli,
The House of Worship is fine. All Bahai's have survived, apart from MoanaLei, a young girl from Lalomanu. Out at Lefaga, Siomia and Shirley's home was badly damaged but they're ok . Fortunately their Baha'i Preschool wasn't in session.

For those who wish to help with relief, I suggest going through some friends here who have set up a fund and are taking food and supplies to villages. They are trustworthy and dedicated, with a Yoga company here This is the link. It's also possible to donate to Red Crross New Zealand through this link.:

"Dear Layli:

By now the magnitude of the devastation in Samoa has become evident. Steven and Iosefa have been visiting the villages in the South and Eastern districts of Upolu and have been absolutely horrified. Entire villages are gone. The Lalomanu peninsula with it's many resorts is now a tangle of debris. They are still finding bodies. Cars have landed in trees and fishing boats are sitting in the remains of houses. A family we know well ( the Tafua family, Sili, Tai, Lumepa& clan) have lost 13 family members. In many cases there was nowhere to run to; either a cliff or swamp prevented an inland retreat. Some people were killed in cars and pickups as they tried to flee. The hospitals are full. Relief efforts are beginning in ernest now, with NZ and Australia sending in supplies and doctors. At least 110 have died, others injured or missing and an estimated 32,000 people affected. Some worry of disease as bodies not yet buried begin to decompose . Many individuals are helping by taking food and supplies to the coastal villages. We are concentrating on the village of Tafitoala and gathering sheets, clothing and food for the families we know there. This is one on the villages where Joe always surfs. Both he and Manu have stayed down there lots.
At home we have a steady stream of folks coming and going. I make pots of soup and coffee, homemade bread. A cousin of Steven's from NZ is visiting with his children. They had actually been booked to stay at the Tafua resort but the children got sunburned at Palolo Deep and they cancelled. The CNN reporter is with us- a 6'11' Australian named Hugh- and yesterday Joe (Iosefa) was his guide and camera man as they drove around doing interviews. Steven accompanied the Head of State and his wife on a similar tour and all returned here for dinner at the end of the day, thoroughly depressed. At this moment (Thursday morning) Steven and Hugh are out filming together on the South Coast and gathering reports. Steven has given CNN about 5 phone interviews by now. Maybe you've seen something?"

Baha'i Youth in Apia, came to visit me one night:

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elynn said...

MoanaLei was my husband's best friend's daughter. We are so sorry for you guys and for everyone there. We hope you stay safe and positive.
G-d bless you, take care.
Emily Lynn