Attitude adjustment hour has descended upon us, yet again.

A dear friend called me today and I told her about how stressed I was with my thesis, and how these are the last couple of days before it has to be turned in. I told her how I wasn't able to really focus on working forward with it, but rather, bogged down by the challenge of it, even though I am SO CLOSE to being finished. She sent this to me in an email, a quote she felt moved to share with me, which I found so pertinent to my day today and my headspace as of late. This was a great attitude adjustment for me, as I am sure it can serve you all in some way or another. It IS important to be able to give ourselves credit for where we ARE and how we got HERE and to celebrate all of our accomplishes...as opposed to letting our negativity or self- doubt get the best of us. word em up.

"Rather than dwelling on limiting patterns and inner blockages, begin by seeing your early life experiences as stepping-stones that led to increased wisdom and mastery over your physical circumstances. Continue reviewing all of your life experiences leading up to the situation you find yourself in today, and affirm that your progress will continue as long as you embrace the process of growth and evolvement.

By honoring the ways our past experiences have contributed to who we are, we feel empowered by our progress rather than hindered by our challenges. We often take a harsh, critical view of our progress through life, focusing on the failures and mistakes we’ve made. By instead choosing to see that each experience contributes powerful wisdom and insight that move us along the path of progress, we are able to honor our growth and look forward with excitement to the next phase of growth to come. As you acknowledge the ways your experiences have contributed to your growth today, you can enjoy a sense of accomplishment and eagerness to continue along the path of progress."

Thank you, Josie.


Becks said...

that was so needed, in a huge huge way.

thank you for this!!!

rock on!

Amanda said...

Josie...I am going to thank you as well. THANK YOU

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