some exciting news from yours truly: sam-ex

(all photos with the exception of the shoe, are taken by lori andrews, aka 10 cent designer. please go to her flickr to see delicious oodles more...)

exciting news !!

i dont follow many people on the internet. i really dont. many are too self loathing, or self inflated, or self conscious, or self...BORINGGGGGGG. SO. there are a couple i adoreee. one of them is the "10 cent designer". i absolutely love her for her quirky, upbeat, unpretentious, creative, happy, clean personality and presentation. her personality seems to really jump out of the screen when you are looking at her photographs and it always cheers me up. i appreciate photographers with a very unique, particular style, and she has that herself. i celebrate her photography, as i feel i have done the same in regards to: really stylized shoots with a continuous theme or feeling or style.
10 cent is a blogger/designer/recipe sharer/photographer extraordinaire and she always cracks me up. her photos are funny and shot in the prairies with big contained fluffy clouds and cornflower blue skies - much like yours truly.

more and more of us are realizing that we have loads of food intolerances and that our diets must be changed to more healthy, happier foods. at times it can be exhausting having to come up with healthy delicious recipes...but guess what: she also has an amazing food/recipe blog that i follow religiously - gluten, sugar and caffeine free diet. go check it out (the photos aren't bad either...) :

i've been meaning to blog about 10 cent for a while now, and then great news! i find out that she has created a flickr gallery titled, "summer of dreams" and there are only a handful of photos selected for this gallery and mine was selected!! how kewl! how neat! how radiculous!

you can see it here. i dont believe i have featured that shot on my bliggity blog yet, so you can go peek at its awesomeness too!

--i just wanted to thank 10 cent for all the work she does in sharing her recipes and what a service her food blog is! thank you, 10 cent!

on another exciting note: i bought these babies today, and boy am i excited. i've wanted a pair of zuriicks for a while now. oooh wee.

love you all. now back to my thesis....uggggghhhh...


namo said...

oh shewt, i actually did look at these shews once. my feet are too wide for their ooropeein design.

samimi-extremie said...

i KNEW you looked at these before, i had a premonition. dang those ooropeeing designs.

flashlightfaces said...

amazing!!! I'm so jealous of the shoes, too.

ps I LOVE the new layout. It's a lot more happy.t

samimi-extremie said...

booboo: thanks so much!! yeah, i am super super pumped about those shoes!! and the layout is...refreshing. i am glad you noticed too. i love you.