one reason life is awesome

i have always had a knack for fighting for a high, awesome, radical quality of life. the quality of my life is something that i always strive to improve and up the ante...i have always fought for professors and advisors and friends who make my life the best ever. experience is what life is all about and finding those that encourage and nurture the best in you are what i search for. and i am happy to say i found that in my beloved graduate school advisor.

when emailing me back about some questions i had regarding my masters thesis, he concludes the email with:

"Sometimes say it is empirical or qualitative or existentialist or positivist or involves participant observation or something big that students usually BS about... You should also. "

i laughed for five minutes after i read this and feel so blessed and full of love for my life and those that surround it; he understands me and my mission to constantly challenge the status quo and upset the equilibrium by jumping out of the traditional box and hopscotching around to different, more creative options. god bless my prof.


senmcglinn said...

What's your thesis about samimi?

flashlightfaces said...

what a kewl dewd... all my professors swear -- it's so funny. I think bullshit is every professor's favorite swear.

kylie said...

I like to think I specialize in artsy schmartsy shit and critical philosophical mumbo jumbo. So yep, pretty much bs all around.

And speaking of cussing, which I would neeeeeever do, I would like to quote my favorite cab driver this week:
When one gyuy draps an F-bom it's pretty mach open season fa dose F-boms.

samimi-extremie said...

my thesis is about a conflict transformation initiative i have helped spearhead here in south dakota focusing on race relations b/w Native Americans and whites.

booboo: i agree.

kye: dude, i would have paid your cab fee to be with you.