exciting news for samimi-extremie!! but you have to VOTE!!!

so my buddy ray told me about this summerphotoblog competition and i entered for fun. well, this photo made it to the top 5 finalists, out of couple hundred. at this point, it is up to YOU, dear readers to make the difference and vote.

i will win an old sweet camera and a lot of press which would be so exciting for me and my photography!!!

i beg you to PLEASE vote and to please pass this on to others!! @ this point, i am tied with one other photograph and i think it should be me that wins. SO. here is the link:

and pick "the badlands are radlands" (the photo above) and hope that i win!

it honestly only takes 2 minutes to do, and i would really appreciate it! especially because the voting is open all week!! sheesh, the stress of it all!!

thank you to those of you that have already voted, passed it on and those of you, dear readers that are going to vote now.

love love love to you all.


flashlightfaces said...

uhhh it takes LESS than two minutes! It takes like ten seconds!!

deux oiseaux said...

i'm on it girl! fantastique photo!

i've got a super fun idea for an anniversary photo shoot that my hubby & i are going to do next summer and i thought you might be interested since you also got married in the sun. will email details.


samimi-extremie said...

@ flash: yeah, it does take two seconds. i should change that.
@ kiss: dude, you HAVE to fill me in on all the deets!!!

kylie said...

i'm sorry i went to the website and so many other photos were more superb so i had to vote against you.


voted for you like 60 times.

yes psyches are back in, oh you didn't know?

Lindsay Lamar said...

I voted for you! It's a great photo :)

deux oiseaux said...

you're going to win!

check lish email for photoshoot details.