polkadot partay

when i get over to west hollywood [which isn't that often], i always drive by this "pink dot" convience store. for the 4 years, i've driven past it, i've always wanted to pull off the road and do a photo shoot. well, as it turns out, my family and i found ourselves with some extra time, my camera and the opportunity to photo shoot it up at this amazing wall. i just love these photos, the colors and the lighting - the pink hue that was reflecting off the walls in the sunlight and in to my camera. i wish the entire family was there so we could have taken a samimi-moore family portrait. but this will suffice in a damn good way.

isn't this fun?? you may recall other photographs i've taken in front of polka dot walls in LA. i believe this was another one of the "pink dot" locations in the valley.

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