family in LA

so my family couldn't be more spread out on the globe. like, actually. it's as if God threw us all in a potato sack, shook it up as hard as he could, and then opened the bag and whisked us as far away from one another as possible, scattered all around the globe. my sister lives in brooklyn, my older brother and his family live in st. paul, my brother and his wife in beijing, my parents in israel and my aunt and her family in saskatchewan. it's pretty insane. but there is something to be said about our love for one another that every break/vacation we have, we spend it together, even if it means that the reunions/meetups will be in segments. so part 1 came over this past two weeks and it was so amazing to have them all here in LA with baki and i. they had never been before, or rather, not spent any time in LA, so it was really a treat to be able to show them some of our favorite spots that are super beautiful.

lately i haven't felt super motivated to shoot photographs for myself, but once they arrived, i felt the spark come back. and i shot tons of photographs. it was hard to narrow it down to this blog post, but i am super happy with the way they turned out, but more importantly, the subjects therein.

 i hope you get to be around those that you love, and find a closeness within your family and be so ever grateful for the laughter and companionship that ensues. enjoi:

peench, peench!

i like dad's hat over his face. among everything else.
my beauty booboo
my cute parents.

my sexy husband

my beautiful auntie, halehjoon.

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