the best anniversary gift ever.

our dearest, most loved friend raymond wesley bishir gave us the best anniversary present you could give a person. he shot super 8 footage during our 4 day wedding and made this BEAUTIFULLY EXQUISITE, TOUCHING, BEST SHOT & DIRECTED wedding video ever. we are on our anniversary weekend up the cali coast and we had to pull in to a mac store before it closed so we could see this on our wedding day. and ray shared it with us almost at the exact moment that we were married. what a guy. what a damn good guy. enjoy it here for your self, and marvel in ray's mad skills. honestly, i felt all the love and joy all over again seeing this video.

For Layli and Baktash from RWB News Reel on Vimeo.

happy third anniversary, baybee.


razi said...

ughhh! so beautiful! what a sentimental and special gift. you are so very lucky.


thanks, honey! it was a the best gift ever!!

patchop said...

Oh, man . . . so totally rad and gorgeous.

Love you!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful video! How sweet, Happy Anniversary :) If you're looking for an equally sentimental gift for your next anniversary, maybe you'd like to actually own your wedding date? MyDayRegistry.com will let you do just that!