yet another reality check - and an important one at that.

"Be not the slave of your moods, but their master. But if you are so angry, so depressed and so sore that your spirit cannot find deliverance and peace even in prayer, then quickly go and give some pleasure to someone lowly or sorrowful, or to a guilty or innocent sufferer! Sacrifice yourself, your talent, your time, your rest to another, to one who has to bear a heavier load than you -- and your unhappy mood will dissolve into a blessed, contented submission to God."

serving others is the key to life. some days i feel down and out, as we all do. and if i were to just remember this quote and this beautiful trailer from occupylove.org i think i'd feel better. its like a reality check. i think once i am reminded that our purpose here is to serve others and gain deeper connections with our human family, i feel more remarkable, more powerful.

my dear friend kya sent me this video clip recently and the trailer was so powerful. it really moved me emotionally. not enough people are speaking out about love, connection, unity & peace. most don't feel comfortable engaging in such topics of dialogue. it's not cool, its too "airy fairy", too vulnerable, etc. f that.
this is the meat of the earth,
this is the anchor of our souls,
this is the light & joy on the chaotic sea.
this is the truth in the silence.

what a powerful message!

these are some of my favorite quotes:

"its really hard to create community if the underlying knowledge is that we don't need each other..."

"joint consumption doesn't create intimacy, only joint creativity and gifts create intimacy and connection. "

"love is the expansion of the self to include the other."

"the heart wants us to be of service."

"the lover knows that more for you is more for me too. if you love somebody, their happiness is your happiness, their pain is your pain...love is the expansion of the self to include the other."

thank you, kya for knowing the language of my soul.  this video's message is why i am a peacebuilder. why i got my masters in conflict transformation. 

let's never forget to reach out and extend our hearts to people who need love, offer a sincere smile or a conversation to a lonely stranger, hug your loved ones extra long and extra hard, listen to someone's pain and love with all our hearts, unapologetically. 

what were some of your favorite quotes? 

// for more on the man speaking during this trailer, go to his website here [interesting dude].


Leili said...

You know I'm down with this, girl. This is the right direction. This is what we're here to do!


amen to you other leili! isn't it so beautiful??? both the quote and the trailer?

Capone: said...

truth. beautifully stated.

j'taimee said...

Truly excellent! Thanks.

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J said...

Hi guys. Sorry, but this can't be attributed to `Abdu'l-Baha.


the quote is from the Tablets of Abdu'l-Baha