and about Wounded Knee...

shot i took of the Wounded Knee memorial site on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD.
 i would humbly like to remind every dear reader about the anniversary of the Wounded Knee Massacre. december 29, 1890 was the day that at least 300 of our Lakota brothers and sisters were brutally slaughtered.

From my Master's thesis: 

The Native American people’s history in the Black Hills is one that is equally tragic and courageous. History records the calamitous Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890 when “at least 300 unarmed Lakota women, children, and men were ruthlessly butchered by American soldiers” (Valandra, 2005) on what is now the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, just two hours southeast of Rapid City. As Yellow Horse Brave Heart (2000) recounts,

Wounded Knee Massacre has reverberated through the hearts and minds of Lakota people,” constantly reminding the Native people of the genocide and ethnic cleansing that took place. 
the mass grave
 my dear friend, Andrew Ironshell posted this great video of Johnny Cash visiting the especially powerful Wounded Knee and he sings his song called "Big Foot":

if you are not familiar and properly acquainted with the history of Wounded Knee, i suggest you get educated in this tragic, unjust, shameful part of our American history.

please take the time to pass this on, and educate others about this day in history.

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