i just had to share with you these strikingly beautiful [if i do say so myself] photos of kristen. i met her about a year ago in LA and she is the loveliest girl and quickly becoming one of my favorite angelenos. we had a blast and may i just say that i love my job as a photographer??

the photos are here to prove it! [and i don't even have the film developed yet!]

kristen and i had a ball.

if you or someone you know needs family and/or individual portraits, i'm your gal.

i do photo shoots for families, individuals, bands, production companies & creative groups. i would love to shoot you [with a camera]! pass it on.

email me --> laylisamimi[at]gmail.com


Sophie said...

these are phenomenal! She is a beauty! Great talent, obvi.


thanks so much, sophie! it was so much fun. xo

flashlightfaces said...

beyond speechless

his & hers said...

What a pretty lady! The Fuji Instax Wide shot of her with the hat with all the sky behind her is absolutely stunning (and makes me want an Instax!)

Sharp Snap Photography said...

Great shots! Love the location and I think the ones with the wooden background are my fave, altough the pic with the full sky behind her is gorgeous too! Nice work.


thanks his & hers! yeah that one is one of my faves too. :D [good to "see" you!]

sharp snap: yeah the wooden ones are crazy contrasty...they were so fun to shoot!

Rebecca Ogden Art said...

Wow, these are amazing! So fun and amazing to watch your skill and artwork evolve. You are one of my favorite photographer's ms. samimi!