my father knows the way of my heart.

my father sent this to me today saying, "this is very cool, thought of you". well, i watched the entire video, and was so deeply moved by it. i don't believe there is anything more powerful and fascinating than individuals speaking their truth, sharing their intimate thoughts on what REALLY means anything in this world. i am so over surface interactions and shallow obligations. if only all of my conversations could be of great meaning, reaching a deeper understanding and a shared connection [i'm working on it ;)].
WISDOM Trailer from Andrew Zuckerman Studio on Vimeo.


Capone: said...

it's an amazing series (my bro let me watch his) - gonna get it so we can watch them all. all.

Brianna Baggett said...

this was thought provoking - thank you so much for sharing!!

flashlightfaces said...

I miss dad.

Now I'm cranky.