epic for a couple reasons.

here are some 35mm shots i just got developed. they are epic for a number of reasons. i feel as if the photos themselves are quite epic, meaning, the scale, the place - how the cops were chasing after baktash and i when we were standing on the roof/railing of the griffith observatory. but the main reason that these photos are epic is because - in the next couple of months, i'll be welcoming my fourth - FOURTH [!!!] beloved sister in to my life and family. her name is fiona and i love her very much. i am beyond ecstatic for her and my brother in law bobby. these photos summarize my excitement and grand scale awesomeness that i feel about these two becoming married. aren't these SICK photos?!?!?
day trip to santa barbara with fiona & bobby

the lovely engaged couple!
possibly my favorite shot of them.

cute dudes!!

i love how fiona's hair is blowing in the wind here. so cute!
bobby has his shirt off in this one, you just can't tell. lucky or unlucky?? hmmm
the baybeez. love this one of us.
the security cops saw us standing there and came to hunt us down. needless to say, we escaped. [we're so EXTREMEE!!]

lay loves fi.
damn copycats. hhahahaha!
i am over the moon to have fiona in our lives, she is the PERFECT addition!! all love.

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fiona said...

You're so amazing, in pretty much every way. Love this post, and I love you more! x