and who says fall doesn't exist in los angeles?

so i know it's pretty easy for all of you out there, not in southern california, to believe that there is no such thing as fall here. well, them is fighting words. well, not really- it is definitely more subtle and having it be 85* yesterday is a total stretch for a good ol' apple chomping, leaf stompin', banjo playin' [wait--does that actually happen?? ah yes, vermont] fall for sure. 

i went on one of my favorite hikes the other day and was literally oohing and aaahing to myself about the beauty of the land changing and the plants transforming in to rich and pastel colors, a palate of colors so beautifully subtle, yet so striking in the golden light. so i swore to myself i wouldn't let this go by without coming back and shooting it the next day. so i did just that. i felt funny at first, like those nerdy photographers with their huge, long, telephoto/macro lenses literally 2 inches from the flower, you know the ones...with the huge hats that have those long 3 flaps on each side, that look like they should be in the sahara, fighting off sand and wind? and the khaki cargo shorts with loads of things on the belt & black socks? ha! IF ONLY that were actually me, i think i'd have died and went to weird, awesome heaven. 

but anywaysssss -- i got out there, with my camera and my hiking boots and shot the heck outta this mountain. it was such a blast, and i felt so excited and wonderful, challenging my eye to see things that it normally sees, but doesn't pay much attention to; i've never shot a full-on nature series like this before, and let me tell you, to mix it up - felt exhilarating!! sometimes i feel i am desperate here in LA to find the solitude and peace that nature so graciously offers, and i feel that you sometimes have to realllly go looking for it. i so believe i was channeling my father in this series, as he loves shooting nature and the intracies of the earth. i only wished he could have been there with me, shooting along side me, being still and quiet, as if they were hushing to us to pay attention and keep watch. it was all so glorious and i am so proud and happy with this piece that i made about four days ago.
i hope you enjoy it and for those of you that hate on LA and say things like, "ohhhhh but i neeeeeed four seasonssss, doesn't it get borrrringgg???" [come on, who are you fooling, with our endless sunshine and beach weather all year round?] -- take a look at this and then tell me i'm lyin'.

you can click on the image to make it larger...

i will be doing one for each season, so stay tuned for the others!

on another note, baktash and i DIED at how amazing this movie was. go watch it.

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elise said...

I love all these photos together Lay. You capture L.A. so well. :)