two rare and beautiful gems.

just in case you wanted to know, i have some pretty hilarious and ridiculously awesome friends. they always make me laugh and keep me up.

thanks to my homies
rolise for this AMAZING clip. watch it and watch it gooood. also, take note of min 4:03. AMAZING.

and this jewel is from my dear friend in belgium, peefy. he has this serious talent of finding THE most phenomenal gems on youtube. i don't know how he does it with two little tots running around and a full time job. he must be a genius. yep. he is.

hey mike! did AWOL lose weight and convert to hard core, lime green christianity??

did you laugh your buns off? geesh, i know i did.

* i know its super lame to have part of the video clips cut off on the right, i'll be working on that. in like three months.


baktash said...

bobby conn!! i love this guy.

samimi-extremie said...

OF COURSE you would already know who he is.

elise said...

his next song should be called dressed by the power of jesus

Miss V. said...

Hey there! :-) I don't know if you remember me from Haifa...we have a bunch of friends in common and I know your folks from the BWC. I love your blog! This Bobby Conn thing is still making me laugh. Thanks SOOOOOO much for posting it.

So, I thought I'd be helpful and nerdy and let you know that you won't be able to fix your YouTube problem splicing off the right edge of your blog unless you choose a wider template. :-) It's not a YouTube thing, it's a Blogger thing. Your theme is really flexible and fun to play around with but the central column is too narrow to display embedded videos properly. There. End of nerdspeak.

Thanks for the tons of fun things you post. They often make me smile.


samimi-extremie said...


thank you SO much for your sweet post!! i am so glad you enjoy my blog! and i think i've heard of you too! thanks for the tip on my youtube/blog action. that was really helpful and not nerdy @ all!