my family is the best ever.

i was just in the twin cities visiting my folks and family for a week. i just had to share with you these cute photos of my time there. my faves are the ones of my niece, elsa (of course). i have now dubbed her my "queen" and she will call herself queen, pronounced, "keeen" all the time. she made me kiss her hand over and over, all the while asking me to call her my queen. she is amazing!! here she is in her "queeny" little body with her golden crown that i got her - i just DIE @ the cuteness, its really too much:

me & the great Mississippi:
my parents are the hottest late 50 year olds i know. and i am not biased.
me and my buddy, poppa dougie fresh:


jay said...

man, she is so damn cute.

flashlightfaces said...

WOW I almost didn't recognize elsa!!!!! Good thing I'm seeing her soon.
SUCH great photos

samimi-extremie said...

jay - thank you! she is a pleasure!
booboo- i know! its carazay!!! but these photos DO make her look older than she looks in real life. but gosssshhhh i have ewsa withdrawals. make her say "queen" to you. there is nothing cuter in the world. NOTHING.

gus said...

Oh man, Elsa is the cutest! Sorry your parents are moving...hopefully you'll be able to visit often.