life doesn't need to evolve past sesame street.

i don't know about you guys, but i sometimes grapple with just allowing myself to be happy and joyful just for the sake of being happy and joyful. for some reason, i have it in my head that i have to WORK to DESERVE to be happy and that it comes after we have really pushed ourselves and worked really hard on improving one's character. i am REALLY working on changing this M.O. into merely letting go and thinking happy, positive thoughts.

my dear friend towfigh and i have all sorts of talks about all sorts of wonderful things. usually our conversations end in one of us laughing hysterically @ the other one who might be expressing a concern or personal struggle they are going through, which then in turn allows the other to take it easy on themselves or on life. and it was especially funny that she sent me this tonight as this is exactly what i've been grappling with:

this is my response to her sending this to me:

the most hilarious part of this is that i JUST had a talk with my yoga teacher that was super deep and intellectual and intuitive and it ALL boiled down to EXACTLY this. funny how the world works and how really, all we need is sesame street and friends to make funny faces with.

we all have SOOOO much to be grateful for and i for one, need to focus more on THOSE INSANELY WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL things as opposed to other garbage just that just make me worried and uneasy and restless.

and holy man is it true...right??
who's with me??

here is another amazing excerpt on happiness that my mother sent me. it really spun my mind for about a week. i LOVE IT. here is the "grown up" version of the very wonderful 'happy thoughts' song by elmo:

isn't this talk AMAZING??? right??
who's with me??

--thank you, towfigh, for making me laugh at myself, as i am sure you are laughing with me. always.

if you two dear readers feel so inclined, post a comment sharing with us something that makes you happy!!


Leili said...

That talk is rad, and you are also rad.

Laughing at/with each others' problems is the best. It somehow makes it not as painful.

And yes - Sesame Street is not exactly the pinnacle of modern philosophy and psychology .... or is it?

I think we could all use reminders that we choose our thoughts, they don't happen to us.

samimi-extremie said...

thank you radness. this is SUCH a good reminder, right? all my love to you towfighster.

Anonymous said...

Something that makes me happy?

It's the simple things really:

Waking up with the morning sunshine streaming into the room

Taking a hot pressured shower

Going to make that coffee and toast for breakfast

Laughing at the turmoil the world has got itself in overnight as delivered by the morning news

Using the amenities as per the morning routine

(Actually that last one is unusually satisfying for what it is ... a secret we all share but perhapse appropriately refuse to discuss)

Heading out the door not knowing what's instore but content and eager to get on with it.

flashlightfaces said...

elmo made me really emotional. It was really hard for me to admit that.