the polaroid adventures of the onesie in juneau, alaska.

"i'd rather see you once a year than someone else seven days a week."

for Lindsey, Kylie, Leif & Tony.

Kisses and Hugs: Lay.


montague said...

i am your no. 1 onesie fan!

kylie said...

since that night i have gone to 14 more parties in a onesie, alone. it didn't go over so well.

missin you big time. the photos are amazin.

Layli said...

amy: tanks be to you!
kye: FOURTEEN parties??!??!?!?!?!!! you must have hooked up with the bros. ;) heh.

missing you even bigger time.

Violetta said...

Hey there!! We met a couple of times in Haifa :-) I clicked on your blog from Leila's and saw the quote and LOVED IT! So I quoted it on my blog. Hope you don't mind.