my husband to be.

this will be us in the future (thanks to col sonner for this clip...he thinks this looks like me. this looks like me as much as that guitarist looks like bak...) :

soon, so swoon.
65 days. 


katie said...

sorry to tell you...but-she DOES look like you! :)

this is such a sweet entry...

samimi-extremie said...

katie dear:

we are all entitled to our opinions!

thanks so much for your comment!

deux oiseaux said...

sup layli
i saw this movie recently and i don't think you look like her. you're much prettier and will be a lovely bride next to that dashing monsieur of yours!

gus said...

i am with you on this one - i don't see the resemblance.


that however, that is you. i am pretty sure you moonlight as an amazing performer

samimi-extremie said...

kiss: i still haven't seen this movie, i really need to. thank you for agreeing with me and for the compliment! we are so excited for the wedding! we too, are getting married in oly!!

gooster: oh lordy. i cant REALLY argue with you on that. it is pretty strange sometimes. she's a better singer than me, that's for sure. no moonlighting...heh.

limonana said...

hey this is a clip from one of my favorite french movies, depressing & tortured...but you must watch it!

Colin said...

this is bologna.