five years. (a to the k)

i went home to alaska for the first time in five, yes dear reader, FIVE YEARS. pretty nutty when you actually think about it. how one can  be away from home for so long. no wonder i was so freaky these last couple of years...it was so awesome being back i was baffled by the enormity and awe of the nature that engulfed my spirit and soul. one of the last untouched places on earth. it made me feel so little and protected to be nestled in the huge mountains and protected waters...it was really strange being back, like i was coming home after so many years, so much has changed for me, and i associated juneau with old things, old ghosts, old memories. but this time going back was extremely cathartic and replenishing. i kept it really sneaky , as i was only there for three days, and was very selective what i did with my time. i was spoiled by dear old friends (esp. lindsey, thanks!) and had fresh seafood everyday. one day, lindsey and i went my favorite place on earth (boy scout camp) while brian (lindsey's man) was crabbing/fishing. then we met him at another beach and roasted the thing and ate it straight on the beach, it being caught just one hour prior. things like that are what make Alaskan living something extra ordinary. one has to questions their quality of life once going / coming home to AK, as the quality there is like no where else i've ever been. i was reminded again in a very profound way why it has always been so important for me to access nature easily. 

i also had a photoshoot with my dearest bestest flickr / juneau girlfriend, kylie. we've been dreaming of photoshootin' together for years. and we finally got to do it, and even best- in our hometown. more of the twinsie-onesie photos to come in a later post. 

i do hope you enjoy these photos and at least you can get a glimpse into the workings of my heart while looking at them. all love. 

signing out: sam-ex.


montague said...

so glad you got to go back. it looks just... AMAZING. i hope to visit too one day!

samimi-extremie said...

amyjoon: i am stoked you liked my pix. the place is UNREAL. you must go someday. you'll never be the same afterwards... ;)

Lindsay Lamar said...

it makes my heart happy that you got to come back for a bit :)

kylie said...

i'm so happy your soul found it's way home and that you let every symbol of "home" wash over, cleanse, and replenish you.

i laugh out loud when i go through our pics, it was a blast, to say the very least.