19 years strong | photobooth antics

my oldest friend, literally, my oldest friend [19 years], leif is here in LA visiting us. his AMAZING super righteous canadian band RAH RAH is on the last leg of their US tour and we've been able to spend loads of time with he and his bandmates. if you haven't listened to RAH RAH, please do it now. they're super good, kinda country, big time rock. we've been all over the world together - canada, alaska, israel, washington, now LA.

leif and i met at Baha'i camp when I was 12 and he was 13 in the Yukon Territories. Since then, we've kept in constant touch and stayed the closest of friends. there's something really special about having a friend that has known you more than half your life, a friend that no matter the year or what we're going through, relates, understands and connects. we've never skipped a beat, always been able to relate, through our tastes in music, our humor, our Faith, our personalities. and now, he has an amazing wife and me and awesome husband and i couldn't be happier that leif and baktash have fallen so in love with one another!

in two days it'll be his 32 birthday and i am so happy that we'll get to celebrate it together. here are some super fun photobooth shots of all of us having a great time together. 

 we should all be so blessed to have the friends and family we do in our lives, especially if they've traveled through so much of your life with you. i know i am so thankful.

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Los Angelista said...

SO nice to have friends visit who've known you for so long. Also, the photobooth pics of you and Baktash are amazeballs.