this blog post is here to ruin your day.

i absolutely hate to be the bearer of bad news. maybe most of you have already heard about all the national parks closing down. and the tons of parks shutting down in CA. this is really hard news to take, and i kind of feel like things are getting so out of control and there is nothing i can do about it. i hate to feel this powerless and to feel like slowly our world is getting harder and harder, with less connections to God and nature around every turn. frankly, it freaks me the hell out. watch this trailer about a doc being made of a crew going around to all the state parks before they close.

The First 70 Trailer from Heath Hen Films on Vimeo.

find out more devastating news about the California state parks closing here, included is a list of parks to be shut down. how does this make you feel? what do you think will happen to the parks once they're shut down?? i really have no idea. will we still be able to go visit? will jerkfaces totally demolish and vandalize everything? what are your thoughts??


Jesse said...

Damn - so sad

Jesse said...

Really, really, really, really, sad...