rox + ry's wedding portraits || polaroid style - part I

hey ya'll. so this past week i was in brooklyn to take part in the amazing wedding celebration of ryan & roxanne. ryan has been one of my best friends for almost a decade now and roxanne and i became friends about 2 years ago, separate from ryan. so when ryan and rox skyped me to tell me that they were getting married, i was beyond excited for this union!! when ryan and i are together we basically just do a five day photoshoot marathon, which i am sure a lot of you are privy to, as you are readers of my blog.

so obviously ryan and rox had mega photoshoots during their wedding weekend. and i got to shoot with my two most treasured loves, my instant camera and my 35mm. i took 70 35mm shots & like one billion polaroids [aka instax] shots at their amazing brooklyn wedding weekend. i have started scanning them in and i am more than happy with how they look! since there are so many, and scanning takes forever [!!!], bare with me, as i blog these photos in parts.

without further ado, part I [note: you can click on all images to see them larger]:

entering the ceremony

i adore this portrait diptych of the both of them!

the family!

rox and ry didn't get the memo about us wearing red.

lovely roja, anyssa & martha


mother & sister of groom

the lovely women behind the rice krispie cake!!

beautiful diane & elizabeth

sofa sesh.

i actually don't know anything that the amazing beka lash can't do. #madskillz

me and slasher at the bowling alley reception.
the day after the wedding - picnic in the park!

brother ryan & sister beka flying kites. [a dream]

yay!!! the married hai - lashes!!!
congrats to the damn handsome bride & groom!! i love you both so much!!

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Unique Weddings said...

I so love the shoes. Congratulation guys. I wish you all the best.