Rox + Ry Wedding Shots || 35mm style

i of course brought my 35mm camera to shoot at their wedding. and i just got the film back yesterday and i was so excited to share them with all of you. i'll let the photos speak for themselves:

even the building was happy for ry and rox.
sweet ladan

when ryan forgot his vows ;) - best photo
putting on her ring!!

the married couple!

oh don't you stick your tongue out at me.
the siblings!
the lovely lashes!
one of my fave shots of ryan ever.
hey cutie!
sneaking a shot
one of my most favorite shots.
gaahhhh- adoreeee

like a painting

after the reception
heading home from wedding.
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Calla Evans said...

love love love love. so much love.


calla. thank you, you're the best. and so are ry and rox.

negeen sobhani said...

ohhhh i want to peel that table shot off my monitor and hold it in my hands (secretly smelling the emulsion). how you created lacework out of the shadows and flags astounds me. you always, always make me see things differently and show favor in what would be my obstacle. you possess a freedom and candor that is so so rare anymore. love, love you and your eye.