my birthday weekend.

> side note: how could i, a photographer, not have brought my camera? not quite sure. so all of these are taken with my shoddy camera phone, please excuse me. :D
from my niece, miss bee.
leaving our house to go on surprise getaway
mommy mo: what are you doing? // elsa: decorating for auntie layli's birthday!

miss v. rue

photo was taken for leif & brett

ahhhh my paradise.
my loves.
milo wasn't so sure about the smurf thing.

elsa called me to wish me a happy birthday and told me she was making me cookies. she wasn't lying. #breakmyheart

i had an amazing weekend full of love, support, encouragement, rejuvenation, reflection and FUN.
i am so thankful to be blessed with such a beautiful group of family & friends that are family. 

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