melancholia // israel film shots, part IV

i gasped once i got these shots developed. i mean, they are so unusual to me...the darkness, the moodiness of it all, especially in places like the Baha'i Holy Land. i feel like these photos capture what i feel to be a huge surreal-ness to the environment there. most of the photos we see of the Shrines and the Gardens are always so beautifully colorful, so bright and bold and cheerful.

i will always say, as long as i live, that there is something so powerful and HUGE about the world when its grey, and dark and raining. it's like another layer of depth to things at times, it allows people to let down, open up, and take a moment to reflect, or allow themselves to feel those at heavier, harder emotions [which, by the way, are just as valid to feel and express as the light ones, like joy and gratitude ; it's just a balance right], [a dear mentor of mine shared with me this beautiful, totally truthful quote by a physician in the early 1900's, i believe: "if one doth not let the tears fall, the body will find other places to cry"].

some of you might disagree, that walking around with an umbrella in your nice clothes is a drag. i quite like it. it's very good to expose yourself to the elements, and there is some sort of romantic nature about it, some wonder.

most of these shots were taken on a day where it was raining so hard, then it started hailing. we were waiting under the roof of the Shrine of Baha'u'llah, to find a clearing in the straight-up-torrential- downpour to walk back to the Pilgrim house. when we found a bit of a clearing, we went for it, even though others were still waiting for the rain and storm to disappear.

call me an alaskan rainforest girl ... that i love my melancholic moods and my stormy skies...call it what you will, but there is so much magic to it, for sure.
i HAVE to go on record and say that this is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE-EVER PHOTOS. of two of my most treasure people.

do you like being out in the rain and the storm? if so, what is your favorite thing about it?


namo said...

awesome post! makes me want to kick it in some storms, yafeelme???


thanks, bro! ifalafeelyou.

j'taimee said...

For too many reasons to note I love rainy days - but I tell you that I love these photos because I can literally smell the rain in that Place when I see them. Cheers!