take care of yer skinsssss!!

oh yeah, its summa time. and its in full force here in cali. and soon,  my dear friends, soon, it'll hit your part of the world too. ;)

i follow a really amazing blog called No More Dirty Looks [NMDL] which is a green beauty site, and these girls kick a$$. i have learned so much about clean beauty products from their site - they basically talk about how there is no regulation for safe products in cosmetics; and we need to be aware of what we're putting on our body/skin/hair just as much as what we eat. and i bought their book. and even met the author, Alexandra. she's a real peach.

so oh yeah, back to my point - take care of your skin, ladies AND gents. we're only gonna get older and more wrinkly, so let's take care of it the proper way now! its amazing how different my skin feels when i use clean beauty products.

and yes, there's been some debate recently about sunscreen and if its worse to wear it than not. [you can read more about that on their blog]

but i'm not sure how i feel about not wearing sunscreen. so here is a comprehensive list of the safest sunscreens from our dear EWG skin deep site. please have a looksee!

NMDL also has a very thorough list of five sunscreens that they love and they tested them out themselves. peruse that list here.

i hope some of you find this useful & take care of yer skin ya'll!

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