i kind of can't handle this level of cuteness.

i just got back from an amazing week with my brothers, their wives and my TWO nieces and ONE nephew. i seriously think i died of this cuteness. they are the best little ones i could ever dream of having in my life. the twins - are absolute bliss and peace. and "big girl" elsa is more fun and funny and interesting than most adults i know. i'm not lying.

my brother and sister in law are my absolute heroes. to raise a 2.5 year old, and 4 month old twins with such grace, love, patience and ease, is beyond my comprehension. melinda is the most beautiful, gracious and nurturing mother, jorma, the constant loving, communicative, ever present father. 

before i was married, they were my example of what an amazing marriage built on honesty, laughter and commitment looks like. now they are my examples of what i can only hope to dream of being - such excellent, loving parents with the cutest kids on the planet. nuff said.
i am so lucky to have such an awesome family.


Capone: said...

i LOVE these. okay - most of these - and i am pretty sure you know which ones..... and if you don't... well shame on you for not being able to read my mind.

really though - love the family connections these fotos instill and reflect.

elise said...

ack! cutie pies. i love the expressiveness of your entire family. :)


capone: not QUITE sure i know what you mean, but i'd really like to!

elise: we love you 2.