photographer's work being widely recognized after her death

isn't this crazy? i mean, what do you guys think about your work, your heart's work becoming "famous" after you've passed? would you want recognition in this life, to show and travel and discuss your work and your process? or would you want it to go down in the same way, the way that it did for vivian maier?


Anonymous said...

She's like the Emily Dickenson of photography. Wow, those Rolleiflex cameras really are amazing. - Patrice

andrew said...

isn't death alot to sacrafice just to be famous even if it is an accident?

Becki Frestedt said...

Thank you for posting this story. I am mesmerized. In some respects I think this is the perfect way to have this collection discovered.

Personally, I am terribly uncomfortable having attention focused on me. I think fame would haunt me. Even... as an amateur photographer I prefer to keep my identity separate from my work, despite my interest in further pursing it as a hobby and having my work recognized and/or sold. Perhaps it's my Midwestern modesty & Scandinavian heritage speaking, but there's something appealing about the fact that my work is not about me, but rather about sharing with others the world as I see it. I think that's one of the reasons why I am so struck by her photos.