hilariously ridiculously fashionably fun

it wouldn't be a bff meet up unless we did a photoshoot. like seattle, as seen in previous [though recent] posts with my best girl amanda, i was blessed with having some freakin' amazing times with elise and her fiance, rollie as well as elise's girlfriends. the photoshoot that i have coined "the modern craft" or what elise calls "the bladerunner" shoot, was shot in pasadena over the weekend. i needed an excuse to wear my favorite new dress and i didn't think that mar's wedding would be the appropriate place. but elise and i have a DEEP LOVE & UNDYING AFFECTION for big dresses, with puffy sleeves, sequins, ribbons, ruffles - all things SUPER girly. so we seized this opportunity to make it a good time. and rollie played along and took some sweet shots. it is funny, i am sure that rollie and baktash both know that by now, being married to elise and i, that they will have to be our stand in photographers at each visit. and they'll smile and laugh and tell us we look cute, even if we look hilariously ridiculous [but that's part of the fun too - too look hilariously ridiculous]. and we married or will marry them for the reasons that they are so loving, fun, creative and flexible. sweet, sweet men, we have = lucky us girls. the first shots are taken with my sweet little vivitar [35mm]. i am sure by now, you can tell the difference between the film & digital shots: though i was very tired, i do adore this shot, especially because elise and i are both wearing BRAND new LISH designs soon to be posted on my etsy shop site!! [check it out, yo!!!] doesn't elise look so amazing in that suede pair of LISH??!? : here's another new pair of LISH, called RETURN TO CENTER: i do love the symmetry and balance of this shot a lot: isn't this a fun photoshoot? don't you just love it in a i'm-really-scared-these-girls-could-come-and-put-a-gnarly-hex-on-me awesome way? we got ready at elise's future mother in laws house and this is the conversation [roughly] that elise had with rollie's moms: MOMS: where are you and layli and rollie going, elise? ELISE: for a photoshoot in big, fancy dresses MOMS: ...is there a special occasion? ELISE: nope, its just for fun. MOMS: [insert confused faces] ELISE: yep. just for fun, that's what layli and i do together. MOMS: so just to play dress up? ELISE: yep. - we're both almost 30 and i'm sure we'll be doing this until we're 90. i sure as hell hope so in bigger and better dresses every year.