...i'll be going to the PACNW (home)/ Seattle for a nice fun-packed trip to see my homies and go for Mar's wedding, then going back to LA to hang with elise & rollie and go camping @ joshua tree, then off to ISRAEL to see my family for a month, then BACK to LA only to have amanda and her family living in LA for a month!!!

in the next 30 i'll be hanging with all these AMAZING cats - every single person in all of these photos, i'll be with. wow. i honestly think i just died, like, i'm seriously have heart palpatations, thinking about how i am going to see soooooo many of my best friends all in the same time period; HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY?!??!? honestly, i am thinking back on the last couple of years, especially when we were out in sodak - how isolated, remote and alone we were, away from all of our closest friends and family. i feel that is how its been for me for so long now. and then. all of a sudden a OVERWHELMINGLY amazing number of my nearest and dearest all happen to be able to be together over the course of the next two months. amazing. truly, amazing.

[amanda, viola & milo]:

[jay willow]:
[casey pee. james]:[a one kinda soon to be married, elise belknap, HOPEFULLY a one leili towfigh & one amanda kitchings]:
[one soon to be married, mar tansik (woot!!!woot!!!), with all of these aforementioned ladies as well]:

[the amazing painter, euro trashin' alaskan sister, kylie manning]:
[and i can't forget amanda's hubby, my dear friend, charlie - better known as cheebs]:

my amazing family MINUS FIVE - but i'll have my baby bro, my baby sister and my sister in law, shideen there to keep me company. yep, my older brother jorma and sister in law melinda, are expecting twins any day(!!!!!!!!!!) :

okay. more adventures soon, that's for sure.
hope every one in (not on) the interwebs is doing just great and is able to surround themselves with people who celebrate, cherish and honor you for EXACTLY who you are.

all love. signing off:
yours truly - extremie.

*note: all the colored text means its hyperlinked to their respective sites. check 'em out!

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S. Trept said...

thank you extremie, you help me enjoy life more. as always, lovin' your blog!