inspiration, creativity and connection.

"Man is not intended to see through the eyes of another, hear through another’s ears nor comprehend with another’s brain. Each human creature has individual endowment, power and responsibility in the creative plan of God."

~ Writings from the Baha'i Faith by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

being unemployed has been an very interesting experience. i kinda really love it and i kinda really don't love it. its forced me to be in a new mental space. one where i'm able to reassess my life, the opportunity to re-direct my life and re-align myself with that which i feel most passionate about. and as we all know, our passions change and evolve with time. i am in a new place now. it's funny i cannot muster up energy to do anything professionally that is emotionally taxing. the work i have been doing for the last two years in sodak working with the Native American population has been EXTREMELY rewarding and huge for my career, but ask any individual who works with communities in conflict, and THEY NEED A DAMN BREAK. a time to re-focus and decompress. that is me right now. that is why my blog has been lagging as of late...i've been in a cocoon of sorts...

but what has been really popping up for me lately is inspiration, creativity and connection. and how important it is that we seek out these things in order to live a fulfilling life on this here planet - these are the things that energize us, motivate us. i love to see what others are doing, how they are stretching themselves to seek a deeper connection with others, through service projects, creating amazing pieces of art, or by merely asking a stranger something that cuts right to their heart, inviting for a meaningful dialogue. i am fascinated by projects and endeavors where the only purpose of the project is to connect at the heart of others...it makes life so much better, doesn't it? i don't recall if i shared this on my blog here before or not. but this is a sweet story of an experience i had with this special gentlemen:

mr. larry robinson @ morro bay.

baktash and i were running down the beach, chasing waves and i saw this gentleman standing so peacefully and watching the waves and taking it all in. my heart kind of sank, because i wondered if he was lonely and wishes he had someone to share the moment with. so i ran up to him and asked if i could take his portrait as a way of talking to him. he was so so so wonderful and we talked for 20 minutes while baktash beachcombed. we began to discuss the importance of nature and how wonderfully at peace your heart feels when you can stand and listen to the waves; he spoke about how he missed his wife who had passed away a year ago, but how coming to the sea always makes him feel better. i told him how much he made my day, and how much joy he brought me, just in our 20 minute conversation, i made him laugh and he made me smile...i need to do things like that more often. it made my heart feel good.

"50 people one question" is a pretty cool project - this is so touching and sweet. maybe you have seen it before, but i hadn't, though i have heard of such projects. i found this clip on my girl shaadee's tumblr.

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.

i just found this photographer. i especially adore his series at rockaway beach with the confetti blowing in the wind:
this is an amazing project that took place in a favela in rio. to check out the entire project, go here.

what are you doing to feed yourself creatively?


Patrice Helmar said...

This is such a great entry - checked your blog wondering if you'd posted something new. Your story about the gentleman by the sea was the best.

I'm also unemployed right now and it's a weird space to be in creatively. I walk every day with my dog. Usually we go to the beach and it makes me feel better too. I like to go to the library and type in random word searches into the catalog and discover new books.

Sometimes I grab a few big art books and sit by the big windows and look out at the city and look at paintings or photography by a random artist.

samimi-extremie said...

p: thank you so much for this comment! i didn't know you too were unemployed. it feels weird, right? kinda good, kinda bad? yep. i am glad you get to go walking with dolly everyday, that must be amazing. i wish i could do that. i go to the fields a lot here and i try to picture myself home on the beach with the wind traveling through me.

ah the library. man, we had some good times at the library. i am glad you are continuing to be creative esp. during this time! all my love to you! holler at the chilkats for me! x

chad said...

There's a beach here where I like to run. There is almost no one around for miles and it's stunning.
But every time I go there I come across a naked elderly person or several. It's NOT a nude beach and there is never anyone there AT ALL unl...ess they are over 65 and naked.
It's kinda trippy.

elise said...