my niece is cuter than you.

hands diggity down.


Leili said...

I like the nuanced title. And yes, our nieces are so cute that I don't believe there is a scale in the world that can measure the cuteness. Absolutely equal.

That said: O.M.G.!!!!!!!!! Ewwwsa JOON! She is just a bottle of sun and beauty and innocence!!!!!! AHHHHHH

kylie said...

hmmmm. i don't think you remember how cute i am... buuut she is a close second

samimi-extremie said...

towfigh: thank you, she is amazing. i take full credit for her cuteness.

kye: of course i didn't forget how cute you are. but you're not my niece. you guys have two very different styles, equally appealing. hahaa!

kylie said...

i guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.