healing beyond hate.

some of you may already know that i run another blog for my work called "healing beyond hate" the purpose of the blog is to provide a space for Native Americans to "write in" and tell us their story of discrimination, to get the word out more, about how hard and challenging it is for the Native people here in South Dakota. you honestly wouldn't believe the atrocities that happen here on a daily basis. its like living in the South in 50 years ago.

anyway, i am trying to use that blog as a space for sharing the stories that happen here, the cases we are involved with and the pain my community suffers.

do check it out, and subscribe to it, if you feel so inclined. it is just one small way we can help get the word out nationally - internationally about the situation here. as it is so hard for any national press to ever get wind of any of these stories. thank you for reading and giving a $hit.

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