a shout out to my beautiful movie star grandparents.

i went back to minneapolis/st. paul last weekend and always go and visit with my grandparents. my grandmother knows how much i love photos and she pulled these out of a drawer. i FREAKED OUT. they are so amazing and i am so lucky to have been able to scan these STUNNING photographs! so here they are, my grandfather Robert, and my grandmother Patricia:

| My Grandfather was in the Navy 1943-45 |

| My Grandmother looking cute as ever, always laughing |

| Here they are @ an Engineers Ball (My Grandpa worked as a Civil Engineer) |

| Grandpa was the captain of the basketball team in HS |

| I especially love this photograph - the look on Grandpa's face - he STILL makes that face. This is their engagement in 1947 |

i love them so very, very much. aren't families amazing? and isn't being able to capture a moment in time with photography the best EVER? yes indeedy. i am so lucky to have so much time with my grandparents.


montague said...

families are awesome! and i love these photos of your grandparents!

samimi-extremie said...

yesss!!! thanks!

flashlightfaces said...

SO incredible! I love htat one where they're looking at each other -- so cute!

Na'im said...

thanks for this. miss these guys.

samimi-extremie said...

sibz: so gladz you like deez.

kylie said...

is there any one, in any part of your family, in any generation, that isn't beautiful? this is getting weird. the odds are amazing.

samimi-extremie said...

kye: we have a REALLY UGLY couple of family members that you have never seen. and we are going to keep it that way forever.