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there is something about the prairies that make me feel like i am by the sea. i know, i am known to be desperate for the sea, but there is a real similar quality. especially in the spring, and summer, when the warm breeze blows the tall golden prairie grass for miles and miles all you can see is waves...its really so beautiful. i intend on capturing that on film one of these days for sure.

when i found this photograph, it resonated with me b/c of my affinity to the ocean and boats. i spent a lot of my formative years on the pacific, standing on the bow, closing my eyes and letting the cold breeze and misting raindrops refresh my face as the waves are gracefully gliding underneath...i miss those times so deeply and the joy it brought my soul. but i think someone was looking out for me when i moved to the prairies. if i close my eyes when i am standing in the field, without a doubt, the wind will pick up just as soon as i close my eyes, and i'll be transported to the ocean, to the smell of the air to the unbearable lightness of being. i think home is really, truly a place that we always keep with us in our heart and soul. i haven't lived at home (alaska/ pac NW) for about 4 years now, but i still miss it like i left yesterday. i don't think i'll feel ever so COMPLETE & WHOLE until i move back and the pacific air and the deep green wet forests are able to open my heart again.

when i close my eyes in the fields here i hear laughter, i hear pain & tears, i hear peace and calm, i hear my soul opening up, i feel vibrations that travel throughout, i feel home. i feel nothing and everything that means anything.


leila said...

I hear you. xxoo

samimi-extremie said...

i hear that you hear me. ha! love you leila joon!

flashlightfaces said...

I feel damn good right now. Thank you.
Love you.

emilie raguso said...

i so want to move back to the northwest too. piece of my heart!!