The Great Wild West; i live in true cowboy country. and i freakin' love it.

so these last couple weeks Rapid City was host to the "South Dakota Stock Show".  i had NO idea what that meant. none at all. but basically its a cowboy + rodeo party for two weeks. unfortunately, i wasn't privy to it until it was almost over. i was able to go on my birthday DURING work hours , with my boss and a co-worker/friend. it was a blast. though they didn't understand me taking all these pictures, so i was shy to take too many as my boss is an old rodeo mom herself. i meant to go back and shoot the melancholic cowboys with the long, droopy mustaches, the rodeo moms with the bedazzled jean mini skirts and the babies in cowboy boot booties. but alas, i didn't, but i still think the shots i did shoot are worth sharing...and especially the videos i snapped. do watch, you'll be highly entertained. unless of course, you're from a cowboy town in the wild west, then you'll yawn, but my Alaskan blood reveled in the culture shock. do enjoy, dear, sweet readers. 

think: miss piggy selling dolls + pink junk = amazing.
this was a cowboy band at "The Cowboy Bar". Take notice of the gentleman on the far left playing bass; he's 87 years young (FANTASTIC):

my boss especially wanted me to take a photograph of this horse. man, you should have seen the man selling it; he had made a cowboy hat out of old beer boxes. DANG I'M KICKING MYSELF FOR NOT GOING BACK AND PLAYING TOURIST!!!!!! :

this here video was something i couldn't believe was actually happening in front of my very eyes; a real live stock auction. and the dude was REALLY using his true auctioning voice!! i have NEVER experienced such an amazing thing. i was busting up listening to him speak so fast and everyone just sitting on the bleachers yawning...i was in heaven. my co-workers stood off to the side not really believing i was getting SUCH a hoot outta this. you gotta tell me what you think of this pure genius: 

ever since moving to Rapid, i have been told about this PALACE. a palace named "Pac-Rat Palace". i had an itch to go on saturday and i was determined to find some white cowgirl boots. dude, you wont believe my luck: AS I WAS WALKING IN THE FRONT DOOR, THEY WERE SITTING THERE GLEAMING, WITH A SIGN THAT SAID, "THESE ARE TO BE WORN AND CHERISHED BY DEAR, SWEET, SAMIMI." AND THEY FIT. i couldn't believe it. sigh. i am so lucky. now i have four pairs of cowgirl boots: black, brown, maroon-ish brown and now these hot little babies (jealous?!?!?) :
and this one, this video clip is especially for peef. this couple was tearing it up on the dancefloor, and they didn't even notice me filming the crap out of them. the music the band is playing is an old "german cowboy song" whatever the hell THAT means....enjoy:



elise said...

i love it

samimi-extremie said...

it would have loved you too. miss you grrrl.

Colin said...

I still can't believe how much madame moreau looks like you.


shirin said...


samimi-extremie said...

colin: thanks buddy, i watched her song, very sweet. but i dont see it as much as you do!

shirin: someday, you'll have some...someday... ;)

kristina barker said...

i love pac-rat palace!! rapid has some pretty amazing thrifting going on. found your blog through the comments you left on mine. sounds like you are a recent washington transplant. south dakota ain't no pacific northwest, but it's a pretty decent place to call home. i've definitely left my heart somewhere between centralia and the pacific.