some of my fav songs right now...

since dang mixtape shut down, this is the ghetto way to share some of my favs with you all, enjoy, they are beautiful little treasures of deliciousness and goodness:

damn, dont you just love lablogotheque?!?!?!?

"the canadian girl" by the walkmen. (i especially love this music video. heh. sorry but the live versions weren't such top quality..):

"your city", by mason jennings:

HOLY CRAP M. Ward is releasing a new album on like, Feb. 23rd!!
this song is called "hold time" from his highly anticipated, yet to be released new album:

"bad man's world" by jenny lewis:

p.s. i know you are all laughing because it wouldn't be a layli mix withOUT mason and m.ward. sheesh.

which one is your favourite??


amy said...

i love bon iver. loooove.

samimi-extremie said...

me tooo, he is so so so good.

deux oiseaux said...

that jenny lewis piece is my fav. reminds me of cat power.
i've been a bit down about hip hop these days. i just can't find any new stuff that's good. sad, really. what do you think?

shirin said...

have you heard of slow club?!?!?