i am honored and elated, excited and overjoyed that my BRAND SPANKIN' new website is up!! it took, hours upon hours, blood [not exactly], sweat [yes], tears [yes], revising, editing, organizing, re-organizing, consulting with trusted "eyes" [friends and family], more hours upon hours to go through the years of my most beloved photographs - my loved 35mm, polaroid and digital photographs to curate this fine collection that i am proud to call a portfolio and huge gesture to myself of honoring my work and giving it a PROPER HOME. i designed and built the website myself [!!!] and have also been able to add this super slick, radtastic feature of MY VERY OWN ONLINE SHOP where i offer some of my select photographs as fine art and silk photographic prints!! i'm over the moon and the response + support so far has been humbling and confirming - to say the least. and it feels so damn good to give my photography the place it deserves, to take this HUGE part of my self, my heart, so serious. 

so for the love of all things beautiful, and for being my rad blog reader, dear reader - please come take a look at what's in store over at LAYLISAMIMI.COM. want a slick print for your house 30" x 45" on thick fine art paper or a 24" x 36" silk print [coming oh so very soon]? no problem! come on over to my shop: LAYLISAMIMI.COM/SHOP

:: the home page ::

:: the shop::

:: delicately packaging up some of my very first orders to be shipped off to my lovely customers!! i am beyond grateful for your support, my dear ones! ::

i need to thank my darlings, baktash, amanda, namo, shirin, mona, kelsey & jesse for all their help in this endeavor. i couldn't have done it without your support.

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