the nazarian family photoshoot!

I had the distinct pleasure of shooting the Nazarian family recently in the Angeles Crest Forest. This family is amazing and so full of life and laughter. Their daughter Emma was the most patient, cooperative child I believe I've ever shot - so present with me [and the camera] and so willing to smile and be so happy. Romik and Hera are the sweetest couple, so full of laughter and love. We were so happy to be up in the mountains shooting with the beautiful wildflowers and having an excellent time snapping away with this awesome family. Don't they look like fun?? I am so thankful I had the opportunity to shoot the Nazarian family! Enjoy all the fun photos. To see any of the photos larger, simply click on the photo you'd like. 



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J said...

nice color treatment!

Namo said...

great set! whatta kid!


whadda kid, right?? thanks J for your compliment!