you have a beautiful face

it's shaaaaarrrinnngggg tiiimmeee kidss!!

i love when i find art projects/pieces that really resonate with me, to see that people are doing really cool things on this planet. and at the same time, uplifting people's hearts. i adore this photographer's idea for a project. and everyone deserves to be told that they are beautiful.

Douglas Huebler, Variable Piece #34, 1970
During November 1970 forty people were photographed at the instant exactly after the photographer said, “You have a beautiful face.”

The forty photographs and this statement join together to constitute the form of this piece.’ I've tried to find more on this project, but couldn't really find more about it, nor could i find the collection of photographs in its entirety, maybe one of you, dear readers, can?? :D

and how the heck do i get my hands on a print of this?!?!?! STUNNING work by Daniele Buetti. and this piece is titled, "white tears", which totally appropriately speaks to the sad bastard within me:

see more of daniele's work here.

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