HERE'S TO LONGING | #50 - a special collaboration.

hello dear readers! this friday is different and special. my sweet buddy - and amazing artist - misha blaise [you must go to her website!!] wrote me a while back and sent me her beautiful buffalo artwork inspired by her family vacations to the badlands national park & the black hills national forest - in my beloved south dakota. she approached me asking if i wanted to collaborate with her on her beautiful piece with my poetry and quotes that i cultivate and produce for my friday HERE'S TO LONGING pieces. i was so touched and honored that misha asked me to collaborate with her and i feel like our work fits so perfectly together.

this piece is really close to my heart, because of how perfect and timely the collaboration is, and also because of my undying passion and love for the Lakota community in south dakota [& the significance of the buffalo to the Native People of the Dakotas], the golden prairies, the cornflower blue skies and the wind. oh the wind.

without further ado, i present to you the misha blaise/layli samimi collaboration which i am proud to say is awesome - AND is NUMBER 50 [!!] of my weekly HERE'S TO LONGING fridays:

insanely beautiful artwork by misha blaise and poem by layli samimi
new piece up every friday. see all of them here.


Sophie said...

This is awesome!

razi said...

Such a fab colab!!!! love you both~

baktash said...

nice work ladies. so amazing!