three tings

so the past few days i've reallllly been missing my grandpa. we are really close and i like to make him laugh and he likes to make me laugh. we'll just get to hollering on the phone together. i think its the cutest thing that we can have cell phone conversations. i've been meaning to share this photo with you for a while. i mean, how could i not?!?!?! my uncle just got a bunch of my grandparents photo albums and has been so kindly scanning them here and there. and then we all get to see never-seen-before-shots of my Moore Family. my grandfather, Robert Moore was a signalman in the navy, but i really think that he is on a movie set in between shoots in this photograph. i don't mean to brag -- BUT my grandfather would have been the most famous movie star back in his day for his damn good looks.
just in case i needed to clarify -- my grandfather is the tall sailor. :D
and i've been really missing my sister. especially now that she moved to the right coast [boo hiss] and she is so much closer to me now, than she was when she was living in the Holy Land. i miss her even more when i see this picture. speaking of movie stars - this shot is priceless! ;D [don't kill me, booboo].
don't hate me, okay, booboo? :D
are we having a fun summer yet!??! its already almost august! dang/what the?!?! how'd that happen so damn fast? what have you lovelies been up to this summer to make it extra special? and no, i'm not really talking to you, my dear pac. northwesterners, as the word "summer" only brings up feelings of resentment, anger and restlessness. ;D? :)? :(? :D?
this will be me in a couple of weeks with amanda.


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