TED talk with Aaron regarding the Lakota People

my buddy, fellow advocate for the Lakota & phenomenal photographer, Aaron Huey gives a TED talk regarding the Lakota and Pine Ridge Rez.

Talk is titled: "in the shadow of Wounded Knee - a case for Indigenous Reparations":

Big ups to Aaron for being a fellow spokesperson for the Lakota; we need so many more white people standing up and speaking out about this. I hope to be able to do this someday soon too.

What do you think of the talk?


pejuta said...

wow that was really powerful. native history needs to be taught in all american classrooms, not this eurocentric sugar coat!! maybe then there would be some understanding instead of this victimization mentality the dominant culture dislays

Lindsey said...

thank you for sharing this powerful ted talk. Aaron is a masterful presenter, he truly speaks from the heart.

I have no doubt that you will create major change for the Lakota people as well.

(p.s. my spell check doesn't recognize the word Lakota)

samimi-extremie said...

pejuta: you are so correct!! i am so glad you enjoyed it!

lindsey: thank you so much for your support and encouragement. that is so effing NUTS that your spell check didnt rec. Lakota. ...SEE ?!??!!?