Raw/Natural/Whole/Organic/HEALTHY Cookbooks!

picture this:

below zero temps for over two weeks now, snow that doesn't stop falling, ice on the INSIDE of our windows (even with the heat on), frozen nostril hairs, frozen hair, cranky-because-we're-cooped-up-and-cant-frolick-in-the-fields samimi-aazamis who are restless and counting down the days before we'll be in LA, on the beach in Malibu. it better be warm there. or i'll FREAK. so this situation has really been pushing on my restless creative buttons. i am feeling like i need to CREATE something ALL the time. which i think i feel alot but more so when i cant get out and run around. here are some things

i am working on or working on doing:
  1. making new LISH designs. its time and people are buying.
  2. getting together a large format photo show.
  3. getting back in touch with Getty Images and their invite to share/sell my photos.
  4. making candle mobiles.
  5. getting a grant to make more films....ANY IDEAS/SUGGESTIONS??
  6. shoveling snow (small joke).
  7. framing /arranging my moo photo cards to sell.

and this brings me to my last, but not least:


#8 brings me to the reason for this post. Because of my very critical, restless situation, I posted an inquiry on my facebook asking my friends for suggestions on some yummy cookbooks that i can get and make delicious treats for me and my husband. there was a couple requirements: they needed to be natural/raw/whole foods healthy AND flavorful. when i even think about eating local, organic foods, i salivate, even if i'm not hungry. the difference is HUGE when we eat that way...i am instantly happy and light feeling. they way we SHOULD feel when we eat food. the response was insane; i got so many great suggestions. and i thought i should share them here with you all as well, since i have been lagging on blogging as of late. i know, its been bad. don't even talk to me about returning phone calls - my list is so damn long. (i'm getting to you guys, slowly...). So here is an amazing list from my budz. i can't vouch for all of these recommendations, but i can vouch for all the recommenders , so give it a whirl, tell me what you think:

--> I KNOW this one is good and this is my rec, she just came out with a cookbook!:

--> the lead singer of sigur ros created a recipe book full of only raw foods.

download it.

call me bias, i don't care, i'm persian. this book ROCKS. baktash and i are really loving the ASH soup (pronounced aw-sh), super healthy and hearty and perfect for winter. make a big ol' pot and freeze it even:
thank you for all of you who recommended all these yummy books, i'll make sure to check them out and tell you what i think...also, does any one else have any they are burning to suggest? i would really like some more ONLINE/recipe blogs, etc. thoughts?? the last thought i want to leave you with, was from a colleague of mine @ SIT. he and his wife farm and are really forward thinking about food and how we nurture our relationship to it; how powerful food is and how we need to honor that. during his thesis presentation, he asked us, "i want you to really think about your relationship to food. do you eat something quick while you're driving to work, or do you make and enjoy your meals around a table with your community?". i loved that though that he proposed. it really made me remember how important eating and cooking is, and how our relationship to food is just as important as our other relationships, as this is what sustains us. i have such a romantic crush on farming and harvesting my own crops with a community of like minded people, then cooking together and really truly enjoying the food we eat.

happy cooking...


montague said...

if you haven't read 'animal, vegetable, miracle' do it. NOW.

samimi-extremie said...

yes MA'AM!!!
thanks again amsjoon!