"Love is the most great law that ruleth this mighty and heavenly cycle, the unique power that bindeth together the diverse elements of this material world, the supreme magnetic force that directeth the movements of the spheres in the celestial realms. "

is amazing.
being married to baktash has been the best thing ever. and the thing is, that it doesnt really feel any different than before. i think i am just more calm and relaxed about everything and not frantic to make sure we have super awesome times every second of the day in order to get the most of our time together. b/c now we are together everyday for the rest of our livezzzz. kewl. it was amazing how calm i was at our ceremony. we both were. i thought i'd be nervous or something. but i wasn't i was totally at ease and felt this unearthly calm about the ceremony. being surrounded by so much love and support, i truly felt like all our best friends and family were holding us in the palm of their hand, supporting and protecting us. it was amazing.

my sister said something that was really funny..."layli, you got THE most crazy on the planet together and made them the most serious, stern people during your ceremony." i was so struck by that, cos its so true. i was so touched by that.

and it also feels so good to be married and know that our four year long distance fight for our love was worth it. i mean, i always knew it was, but to have a ceremony and a five day party is such an amazing way of solidifying it. and the way our families united was so special and amazing.

there was a point in the ceremony when my brother Na'im was reading a Baha'i writing on love and i felt as though i was floating, i know that sounds cheesy, but i really felt weightless. it was amazing. i wish i could get married all the time. na, not really. but you feel me, right??
our wedding was perfect, albeit unorganized at times, but it was exactly the way we wanted it. and the way i had always envisioned. i think i was most struck by the love everyone felt for us; friends coming from sooo far, some with such limited budgets, to spend this time with us, and hold us in the palm of their hands.

i love you all who were there and am so thankful and excited to start this next phase in our lives, as the Samimi-Aazamis of South Dakota.

p.s. we have a super huge back yard with a badminton net....come out!
love, love and more love.


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elise said...

you are right!! we look so serious!!

montague said...

marriage seriously suits you guys. i love EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE of your wedding shots.

Douglas said...

Your words echo the spirit of the wedding and festivities in such a lovely way. You have framed the wedding with an eloquent testimony. I thank God for you and Baktash, my new sweet son.